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Below are a collection of individual galleries of images that have been posted on the Bronx Terminal and Port Kelsey Railway blogs (the two sites I have hosted over the years) .

I have had feedback from people stating that it is hard to find images on the blogs, which I can understand. The nature of weblogs (blogs) is to put the latest posts on the front page of a site as it develops, newer posts will cause older posts to move down and eventually drop off the front page.. This works well for people who are following along as a blog progresses as the most recent post will be on the front page, but over time it can be difficult to find just the images from the blog. What I have set up here are just the images, categorized in a logical order so you can easily view them.

The images are in the order that they were posted, but may be out of context. To see the original posts that the images were in you will have to navigate the blog categories, found at the right hand side of the site. Its worth the effort as narrative is included explaining what you are seeing.

Each gallery below will open in a new window. To navigate the galleries simply click on the thumbnail of the image you wish to see. The arrow keys will allow you to move onto the next image, or the previous image. Some captions may be available on the left hand of the screen, under the thumbnails. Click on the images to open the galleries.



All images of the HO scale trackwork construction

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This gallery contains all the images of the HO track construction phase of the Bronx Terminal. Most of this was completed in early 2007.

All images of the N scale code 40 version of the Bronx Terminal

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This gallery contains only the images of the N scale version of the Bronx Terminal, built in early 2007. All trackwork is code 40.

Barn Raising!

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Follow along as we build a new building for Fast Tracks in our backyard. Ground breaking was in early March 2007 and we moved into the completed building in late September.

High Dynamic Range Photography

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High Dynamic Range photography is a technique where images of different exposures are combined into a single exposure using software. This allows an image to capture light with much more accuracy than a traditional photograph. If this technique is exaggerated a bit some interesting effects can be had. An image can be made to look very dramatic, like a masters type painting, or cartoonish, like a coloured sketch. Below is a collection showing a variety of images using both techniques.

Real or Models?

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You be the judge.

Best of the Port Kelsey Railway

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There were 1500 images posted onto my old Port Kelsey Railway site. These are some of my favorites, in no particular order.

The Port Kelsey was dismantled in October of 2007.

Wet Dog

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On February 14th Vita and I adopted a Chihuahua for no logical reason. On April 20, we gave him a bath. He was sufficiently re-fluffed.

CASO Free-Mo group St. Thomas Railroad Days Set Up

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The weekend of May 3/4 2008 our Canadian Southern Railroad Free-Mo group set up all the modules for the first time since starting the project in late fall 2007. The event was held at the former CASO (Michigan Central) Train Station in St. Thomas Ontario. This station, once the headquarters for the CASO is now one of the few remaining symbols of a major transportation system through Southern Ontario. Fortunately, the station is being completely, and lovingly restored to its original condition. Its current state is rough, but offered a fantastic venue for a train show, cracked plaster and all!

This gallery features several close shots of the modeling work being done by our small group of select modelers from the Southern Ontario of which I had the honour of being invited to join. Most of the group members can be seen in some of the images. My apologies to all….

HDR Images of Canadian Southern Railroad Station. St. Thomas, Ontario.

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This station hosted our CASO Free-mo layout during the “St. Thomas Railroad Days”. This impressive structure is an architectural marvel and was completely open to the public for the weekend. This gave me a rare opportunity to wander around the upper floors of the station which is in the process of being completely restored. This building is rich in railroad history and offers lots to see. I took a few hundred pictures of the station and the neighboring shops and processed a few of them in HDR, seen in this gallery.

Non-HDR Images of Canadian Southern Railroad Station. St. Thomas, Ontario.

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CASO station st. thomas ontario

Not everyone is a fan of HDR imagery, this gallery is a collection of images of the station that have not been processed with High Dynamic Range techniques. There are more images here than in the HDR gallery, and these have some captions as well. While at the station last weekend I took one of the free tours that were being offered hourly during the train show, which was well worth it as the tour guide was very familiar with the station and the on going restoration project.

Late Summer Projects

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Rebuilding the chimneys on our old farm house, otherwise known as “The Pit”

Springfield Train Show

January 24, 25, 2009

Springfield Train Show

While at the Springfield train show last weekend I took a few pictures, well, 650 to be precise. I narrowed that down to 50 or 60 of the more interesting ones, which I will post here.

This is a collection of what I saw and did at the show. There is much I missed, as this is a huge show and covers lots of space. When I did manage to get away from our booth, I took a few pictures. All the images are clickable for a larger version. If you are on a slower connection it is best to wait until the entire page has loaded.


Check back soon, more to come!

About the Author:

I'm your host, Tim Warris, a product developer in Port Dover, Ontario. Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate. Fast Tracks makes it fast and easy to hand lay your own trackwork. Stop by our website to learn more!

Posted by: Tim | 07-03-2008 | 08:07 PM


  1. I just looked at your pix of the old Port of Kelsey RR and have to say, fantastic. Truly a great job. Your trackwork (along with everything else) was amazing. Keep up the good work. Man!

    david in Orlando
    2-rail O-Scaler

    Comment by David Wiggs — July 28, 2008 @ 6:56 pm
  2. WOW!
    Surfing railroad sights and found yours via Fastracks. Great websites. Easy to navigate.
    I am a lifelong modeler (not always railroading). I am very impressed by what you have accomplished. I am bookmarking it for regular visits and developments.
    Would love to know more about your photography. Particularly what look like pinhole B+W shots. Any plans to address this topic in future pages?

    Comment by Steve — February 6, 2009 @ 9:56 am
  3. Tim, What is your current camera set-up?

    Comment by Philip H. — March 13, 2009 @ 11:16 am
  4. Hi Tim

    Love your photo of the plastic covered boxes at the festival in Dover Sat night. I was one of the people in the park that night bailing out tent tops as we tried to save some of them from collapsing. You were at the bottom of the park taking a shot of the band shell I believe.

    You exposed just perfectly – love the light.

    Mary Etta McGraw
    Chair – Port Dover Summer Festival

    Comment by Mary Etta McGraw — August 24, 2010 @ 10:49 pm
  5. Tim,

    I’m always fascinated anew. Fantastic work and railroad modelling in the highest quality. I love your work and would be happy to see this once in reality. Or to see my car models running on your layout – click my website for looking models.
    Wish you every success for the next work!

    Bernhard – from Dresden, Germany

    Comment by Bernhard S. — October 24, 2013 @ 11:51 am
  6. Hi, stumbled across your site while researching RR crossing shanties, and saw your beautiful crossing tower (London, Ontario) I was wondering if you had ever made it into a kit and if so, is one still available?

    sory to put this here but can’t find a way to contact you directly

    Comment by Michael Smith — April 28, 2016 @ 1:54 pm

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