Off to California!

Swimming pools, movie stars, Fast Tracks


We leave in the morning to fly into LA, then down to Anaheim and the NMRA Train Show. It looks like everything we have shipped in the last few weeks has arrived, the only thing left to ship is ourselves!

Drop by and say hi if you are coming to the show!


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I'm your host, Tim Warris, a product developer in Port Dover, Ontario. Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate. Fast Tracks makes it fast and easy to hand lay your own trackwork. Stop by our website to learn more!

Posted by: Tim | 07-14-2008 | 06:07 PM
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  1. You must be back now, when will you update those of us who couldn’t make it?

    Comment by Scott — July 22, 2008 @ 4:12 pm
  2. Hi Tim, I just finished reading your article about painting and weathering the switcher. What really cought my attention was your method for lettering it. This looks like a new business opportunity. You could create custom lettering sheets using your Laser. I, too, have sheets of press-on letters and numbers that have run out of all the good characters. And trying to keep everything straight can drive a person to drink. (Well, maybe thats not all bad.) But I would gladly pay a reasonable price to be able to letter my locos, cars and buildings with the quality that you show. And I’m sure that many other railroaders would too. I’m sure you are looking for more work, but give it some thought. I first saw your produts at the Anaheim show, and was blown away with the quality. I will be using some of them on my home layout, especially the curved turnouts. The commercial ones just don’t work. Thanks for providing the our hobby with these super quality trackwork products. Jim

    Comment by Jim Moore — July 29, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

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