2008 NMRA Train Show Anaheim, California

From the other side of the table.

Well another one in the can! The 2008 Train Show in Anaheim, California was a lot of work, and a lot of fun, like always…

While there I took 500 pictures. Today I narrowed them down to about 100 or so and organized them into easily navigated galleries. Each group of pictures is categorized into its own gallery, simply click on the image to open the gallery. Click on the first image then use the arrow keys to navigate back and fourth between images.

Leaving Home – The flight to LA


Modeling with the Masters – Turnout building clinic


Set Up – Building the Fast Tracks booth


Their Show – Sights at the NMRA Train Show


Our Show – Scenes from the Fast Tracks Booth


Tear Down – The fun at the end of the show


Train Watching – Wandering around Cajon Pass


Gone Hollywood – Sightseeing around LA


Homeward Bound – Heading Home


About the Author:

I'm your host, Tim Warris, a product developer in Port Dover, Ontario. Since March of 2007 I have been documenting the construction of the former CNJ Bronx Terminal in HO scale. For my day job, I design track building tools for Fast Tracks, a small company I own and operate. Fast Tracks makes it fast and easy to hand lay your own trackwork. Stop by our website to learn more!

Posted by: Tim | 07-23-2008 | 11:07 PM
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  1. Awesome report, thanks Tim! Must have been a great trip.

    Comment by Denny Turani — July 24, 2008 @ 4:59 am
  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I have never attended a National NMRA Convention. It appears Annaheim was a great venue. Enjoyed yoiur pictures

    Comment by Don Leger — July 26, 2008 @ 6:52 am
  3. Welcome home! Looks like a busy “vacation” you had there.

    P.S. The poster that said “All Hope Is Gone” is for the upcoming latest heavy metal album by Slipknot. Something that I cannot wait to get my hands on. Not that you probably needed to know that. LOL!

    Comment by Shane — July 27, 2008 @ 10:55 am

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