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Brass Oriental Limited USRA 4-6-2 Pacific for sale right now on eBay

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This engine is one of my favorites from the Port Kelsey. I had Dan Kirlin of Kirlin Scale Models install the decoders. There are two in this engine, one in the engine for power control, and a Soundtrax decoder in the tender for sound control. This eliminates excessive wires between the engine and the tender, there is only one, and it has a miniature plug. This doesn’t add to programming complexity as they are tied together. He did an excellent job.

In addition to this, I painted and weathered the engine to reflect a hard working Pacific. I used it in passenger service on my layout. Its lettered for the Port Kelsey, painted on, not decals, so the results are very realistic.




This engine is a great runner! Very smooth due to its large motor and precise gearbox. All the drivers are sprung for good electrical contact and traction. The tender trucks are also wired for good conductivity.




This engine is a real gem!

The auction can be found at the link below…

Oriental Limited Brass USRA 4-6-2 Pacific painted and lettered for the Port Kelsey

Own a piece of the late Port Kelsey Railway!

Good luck.


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